Project Proposals selected under the 1st CfP IPA I Cross Border Cooperation Programme Albania-Kosovo 2010-2013

No. Title of the Action Applicant 1/Functional Lead Partner Applicant 2 Duration
348-058 (AL)


Environmental Protection and Waste Management

15 Sept 2014

Urban Research Institute AL (URI) Advocacy Training and Resource Centre (ATRC) 18 months


348-116 (AL)

348-988 (KS)

Green Business

15 Sept 2014

Europartners Development (ED) Community &Business Development Centre (CBCD) 18 months


348-292 (AL)

348-876 (KS)

Youth Participation for Enhanced Democratisation of Society

15 Sept 2014

Albanian Students Abroad Network Alumni (ASAN) Institute for Sustainability and Development of Youth (ISDY) 12 months


348-518 (AL)

348-991 (KS)

Social Integration through non-formal Education

15 Sept 2014

Agency for Socio Educative Services “Shpresa e Jetës” Women Centre “Light Steps” 15 months


348-533 (AL)

348-884 (KS)

Social Inclusion to vulnerable groups

15 Sept 2014

Hope and Homes Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture and Victims (KRCT) 15 months


348-765 (AL)

348-986 (KS)

Promote Eco-Tourism through fostering “Quality Logo Products” of Albanian

Traditional agricultural products and touristic sites

15 Sept 2014

Eco-Partners for Sustainable Development Kosovo Alternative Tourism Association (KATA) 18 months


349-059 Living on the Border

02 Nov 2015

Argjiro Development HUB 16 months

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