Build Together an Attractive and Prosperous Region

Overall objective  

To contribute to the development of the tourism sector, in cross border regions of Shishtavec, Kukes Albania and Dragash, Kosovo, and to improve the general economic life of inhabitants in the both sides of the border.

Specific objective

To transform Shishtavec and Dragash area to a touristic model region, which would become an example of development also for other cross border areas between Albania and Kosovo.

Primary beneficiaries of the project are the population of Dragash and Shishtavec, while the secondary beneficiaries would be the overall population of Economic Region South in Kosovo and Kukes regions who would benefit from the economic impact of the project. The other important beneficiary groups are the tourists who would be enabled to visit and enjoy the region thus also helping to create the positive economic impact.

Programme area under the “STRATEGIC PROJECT”

Kukes Region, Albania: is located in the Northeast part of Albania and has a population of 114.000 inhabitants and lies in area of 2374 km2 while the territory of the Municipality of Shishtavec lies in area of 71 km2 about 3% of the territory of Kukes Region. Shishtavec also represents the optimal point of Gore’s area to exchange culture, tourism, market etc.

Municipality of Dragash, Kosovo: lies in area of 435.25km2 and occupies 4% of the territory of Kosovo. Dragash includes southern edge of Dukagjini. Bounded on the North by the Municipality of Prizren, in the South East and east, through the tips of the high Sharri Mountains’, bordered with Macedonia, while the West and South –west Albania.

Municipality of Dragash and Shishtavec have excellent experience producing traditional gastronomic and handicraft products.

The inhabitants in Municipality of Shishtavec, Kukes Albania, are of Albanian and Gorane ethnicity. Also in the Municipality of Dragash, Kosovo*, the inhabitants are Albanian and Gorane.


Activity 1: Construction of the road Shishtavec – Cross border point in Krusheve, Dragash, Kosove .

Activity 2: Internal roads of Shishtavec, Kukes Albania.

Activity 3 – Touristic signals.

Activity 4: Construction of the road section Dragash BCP new parking area and energy supply (Kosovo).

Activity 5: Construction of Touristic Multifunctional Center in Shishtavec, Albania.